Choline Chloride 60%

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Product Description

【Product】:Choline Chloride 60%

【Feature】: Light brown granule

【Chemical formula】: C5H14NClO

【Specification】: 25kg

【Shelf-life】: 24 months

【Features of the product】 Choline chloride is a quaternary ammonium salt. Choline chloride is used to treat fatty liver and cirrhosis. It can also be used as a feed additive for livestock, which can stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, give birth and gain weight in livestock and fish.

【Nutritional value】

1. Prevents fat accumulation and tissue degeneration in the liver and kidneys;

2. Promote the recombination of amino acids;

3. Improve the utilization of amino acids, especially the essential amino acid methionine in the body;

4. Use for hepatitis, liver function degeneration, early cirrhosis, pernicious anemia and other diseases;

【Storage and transport】 It should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated, and non-polluted warehouse, and should not be stored together with toxic, harmful and odorous articles. Stack the products at an appropriate height and keep a distance of at least 10 cm between the products, the floor and walls. During transportation, rain and insolation are strictly prohibited, and do not mix with toxic, harmful or corrosive substances while transporting.

Choline Chloride 60%



Content (dry basis), %


Total free amine/ammonia [as (CH3)3N] (mg/kg)


Loss on drying, %


Heavy metal (Counted as Pb), (mg/kg)


Arsenic (Counted as As), (mg/kg)


Granularity (Pass 850μm sieve), %


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