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"e foreign trade" Ningxia digital trade platform is a B2B international network marketing and digital display platform with localized characteristics of our district. , big data and other modern information technologies to provide foreign trade enterprises in our district with services such as overseas promotion, online exhibitions, online live broadcasts, online negotiation, and online ordering, helping enterprises to carry out "cloud display", "cloud docking", "cloud negotiation" , "Cloud Signing", enhance the company's ability to display and publicize externally, and help the company to grab orders and secure customers. The platform will be built into a digital display platform dedicated to serving foreign trade enterprises in our district, creating an iconic digital display brand of Internet foreign trade in our district, enhancing our district's foreign trade image, and promoting the steady development of our district's foreign trade enterprises.

The platform uses a variety of modern information technologies to comprehensively display the information of foreign trade enterprises and products in our district based on the collected and processed enterprise data. Combined with online and offline promotion tools, it recommends high-quality buyers for enterprises in real time. Use the "Ningmaotong" foreign trade comprehensive service platform to provide full-process services on the foreign trade supply chain, so that enterprises can complete trade orders with the least time and cost. At the same time, by using the overseas promotion model of cross-border e-commerce, using overseas mainstream search engines (Google), social media writing and publishing (facebook, Twitter, INS), email promotion and other channels, we will continue to promote platform products and Ningxia to overseas buyers. foreign trade.

The platform deeply implements the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the "six stability" and "six guarantees" and the instructions of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce on the "Notice on Innovating Exhibition Service Models and Cultivating New Momentum for the Development of the Exhibition Industry", helping foreign trade enterprises in our district to reduce external exposure. Due to the influence of factors, we will unblock the market development channels, enhance the market development capabilities of foreign trade enterprises in our district, meet the needs of enterprises for overseas promotion and online docking, realize the normalized digital exhibition and display of enterprises, and explore the international market without leaving home. Cultivate innovative and characteristic foreign trade enterprises with strong core competitiveness through platform technology, and promote the deep integration of foreign trade enterprises and Internet + digital exhibitions. Through statistical analysis of the accumulated data, the platform provides accurate market information for relevant government departments and foreign trade enterprises in our district, and helps our district's foreign trade develop steadily.


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