Activated Carbon For Solvent Adsorption And Catalyst Carrier

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Product Description

Place of Origin: China                    

Brand: Daming

Product Name: Activated Carbon      

Shape: Granular

Particle size = 0,3.0,4.0,6.0,8.0,10.0mm 

Application areas: Industrial and agricultural production,


-Alkali-free deodorization, ethylene water desalination, petrochemical catalyst carrier

-Water purification and sewage treatment in the power industry

-Chemical catalysts and carriers, solvent recovery, decolorization and refining of petroleum in the gas purification chemical industry

-Refining and decolorization of the mother liquor of food, beverages, alcohol and donkey-hide gelatin in the food industry

-Gold extraction and final solution treatment in the gold industry

-Treatment of sewage, flue and hazardous substances and purification of gas used in environmental protection industries

1.Carrier carbon

Different chemicals are loaded into the conventional activated carbon, mainly used to deal with the corresponding gases and liquids. Our company has column carrier carbon, particle (crushing) carrier carbon and powder carrier carbon. The main available agents are Koh, NaOH, K2CO3, Ki, Cuo, KMnO4, sulfur, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and other chemicals.

2.Pressure swing adsorption carbon

A new type of carbon for gas adsorption and separation, mainly used in petrochemical and natural gas industries, with diameters of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.

3.Civil air defense carbon and military industrial carbon

The products are 0.9mm diameter columnar activated carbon and coconut shell columnar broken carbon, which are mainly used in civil air defense protection, gas masks and masks, as well as military protective equipment.

4.Coconut shell charcoal

The invention relates to a high-end gas adsorption carbon, which is mainly made of coconut shell of environmental protection material, which has the advantages of high iodine value, large specific surface area and methylene blue.

5.Broken carbon

The product is mainly used in air purification, water purifier purification, catalyst purification, product decolorization and solvent recovery. The main items are 2x6, 4x8, 8x16, 8x30, 12X40, 20X50, etc.

6.Coated carbon

A kind of high-end solvent recovery carbon, which has the characteristics of no floating ash, high wear resistance and high finish.

7.Decolorized powdered activated carbon

The product is a chemical decolorized powdery activated carbon produced with advanced process equipment and high-quality raw materials. The pore size distribution is mainly popular pores and suitable micropores. The main functions of various kinds of carbohydrates, lactic acid, amino acids, drugs, glycerin, Baijiu, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, etc. There are 200 mesh, 250 mesh and 325 mesh. The iodine value ranges from 500mg / g to 1100mg / g.

8.Conventional columnar carbon

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Company Profile

Ningxia Daming Activated Carbon Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is located in Pingluo Industrial Park, Shizuishan city. It is an environmental protection enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of activated carbon, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and an area of 17000 square meters. There are two automatic molding production lines, two high-capacity activation automatic production lines and one automatic packaging line with 40 employees. Since the establishment of the company, it has constantly updated the introduction of new equipment, the pursuit of high quality, research and development of new products, to ensure the advanced, reliable and environmental protection of products.

Daming activated carbon is made of high quality anthracite Taixi Coal which is one of the "five treasures" in Ningxia. It is the best raw material for domestic production of coal based activated carbon and suitable for various activated carbon products. The surface area of the product is several times or even dozens of times larger than that of ordinary activated carbon, and the adsorption capacity is strong. It is very suitable for gas phase adsorption such as air purification, solvent recovery, catalyst carrier, toxic and harmful gas treatment, etc; It can also be used for drinking water purification, wastewater treatment and other liquid phase adsorption.

Innovation is the first driving force leading development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. In recent years, the company has continuously strengthened its technological innovation. In 2017, it began to invest more than 10 million yuan to upgrade the automation of the factory molding, activation and packaging production lines, and to update the laboratory testing equipment. The company pays more attention to product quality while producing green products. Under the premise of implementing ISO9000 quality management system, the company continuously carries out technical transformation, vigorously expands product categories, and strives to develop new products for market demand, so as to meet market demand with high-tech products.

In the future, the company will take "customer as the center, quality as the guarantee, and service as the main line" as the criterion, combine with the future development trend of activated carbon, and gradually walk out a development road integrating production, learning, and research, and have the courage to surpass and innovate.

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