Qihuang Pure Fermentation Goji Berry Wine (8% ABV)

Original Price:
USD $ 20-25/box
Minimum Order Quantity:50 boxes
Production Capacity:10000 boxes/month
Terms of Payment:TT / L/C
Port of Loading:Tianjin Shanghai Dalian Guangzhou-Shenzhen Ningbo Lianyungang
Price Terms:FOB/CIF/CFR
Telephone:0086 09555719666
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Jinqihuang fermented goji berry wine applies fresh fruit from Wan mu pollution free goji berry orchard in Zhongning, adopts fermenting technology to keep original fragrance and nutrition with special taste, and also has great value of nutrition and health keeping. It's not only beneficial to increase body immunity and maintain health, but also moisten skin, enhance the capability of cell adsorption to delay aging.

Production license number: SC11564052100096

Product standard number: Q/NHCY 0004S

Ingredients: water, distilled spirits, wolfberry, red dates, licorice, honey, white sugar, citric acid

Storage method: avoid light, moisture, frost, and high temperature

Brand: Ningxia Red

Whether it is organic food: No

Packing: packaging

Whether to import: No

Processing method: non-immersion type

Special product category: Ningxia red wolfberry fruit wine

Ingredients: Wolfberry

Alcohol level: 12

product details

product details

product details

product details

product details

Ningxia Red Wolfberry Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980, is a collection of Chinese wolfberry scientific research, development, planting, acquisition, processing, sales and import and export trade in one of the private industrial companies, subordinate Ningxia Red Wolfberry supplements Co., LTD., Ningxia Red Wolfberry trading Co., LTD. Import and export department, Ning Hong Hotel catering entertainment Co., LTD. Since 1995, the company has been expanding domestic and global markets, and its products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as The United States, Japan, Australia, The United Kingdom, Germany and so on. After years of development and expansion, the company has developed into a wholly-owned company mainly engaged in scientific research, development and sales of Chinese wolfberry, including catering and entertainment, wine product development and real estate development. The company has more than 300 employees and total assets of 110 million yuan. Company in 1995 is evaluated "the national top 500 private enterprises", one of 1996 was rated as "advanced private enterprise" the ningxia hui autonomous region, was named in 1999 in ningxia hui autonomous region "non-public economy advanced unit", is the ningxia hui autonomous region "defend the contract heavy credit enterprise", "the good faith tax advanced unit" and "autonomous region agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise", "Chinese quality wan lixing" the promise is treated as a unit. For many years in a row by the autonomous region, Zhongwei city and Zhongning County government as "advanced private enterprises", "honest tax enterprises" and so on. The company's product "Qi Wang" brand Zhongning Medlar won the 4th and 5th trade mark in Ningxia, and won the "Olympic Recommendation fruit" in the comprehensive selection of recommended fruit for Beijing Olympic Games in 2007. "Qi Yuan" brand Chinese wolfberry fruit wine, "Jin Qi Huang" brand Chinese wolfberry wine in 2004 by China Light and Medium product quality assurance center was identified as "national qualified assessment quality standard assured food".

Chinese wolfberry wine

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