Chinese wolfberry raw stock Virgin supply Chinese Wolfberry juice concentrate Chinese wolfberry raw stock

Original Price:
USD $ 5/can
Minimum Order Quantity:100 cans
Production Capacity:1000 cans/month
Terms of Payment:TT / L/C
Port of Loading:Tianjin Shanghai Dalian Guangzhou-Shenzhen Ningbo Lianyungang
Price Terms:FOB/CIF/CFR
Telephone:0086 09553955678
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The raw pulp of Chinese wolfberry is picked from fresh Chinese wolfberry and packaged in a few hours. Through ultra-low temperature crushing and biological activity stabilization technology, the activity and nutrition of fresh Chinese wolfberry can be retained to the maximum extent, so as to make it more fresh and original.

Product parameters:

Production License No. : SC11764052100064

Product standard No. : Q/ZKGQ0019S

Ingredient list: Wolfberry pulp, ginseng juice

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Food additives: None

Organic: No

Chinese wolfberry pulp, fruit and vegetable juice, Chinese wolfberry concentrate juice

Chinese wolfberry pulp, fruit and vegetable juice, Chinese wolfberry concentrate juice

Chinese wolfberry pulp, fruit and vegetable juice, Chinese wolfberry concentrate juice

Chinese wolfberry pulp, fruit and vegetable juice, Chinese wolfberry concentrate juice

Ningxia Zhongning Wolfberry Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a set of wolfberry planting, production, processing, marketing, service in one of the whole industrial chain, light assets joint-stock company.

The company to revitalize the Chinese Wolfberry industry as its own responsibility, based on technological innovation, system innovation, service innovation, mode innovation, gradually explore and summarize the high quality development of Chinese wolfberry industry in Ning. Founded "7 + 1" modern agriculture planting patterns, pioneered "leading enterprise + cooperative + peasant household" mode, production orders will base as the company makes the first workshop, conducting soil testing with fertilizer, agricultural materials in formula, plant diseases and insect pests forecasting, TongFang rule, drying facilities, work, such as the certification, big data platform construction of the leading Chinese wolfberry growers, into the modern agricultural development promoted by science and technology, in accordance with the standard Chinese wolfberry growers production management level of Chinese wolfberry, ensure the quality of Chinese wolfberry.

The company fully excavated the medicinal culture of Zhongning Medlar in 2000, adhering to the original intention and mission of "let Chinese people eat truly and truly good Medlar", and built the GMP processing workshop with annual production capacity of 1500 tons according to the GMP production standard. Give full play to the advantages of Zhongning Medlar's authentic medicinal materials, cooperate with The top 100 national pharmaceutical chain enterprises such as Garyu Civilian, Zhang Zhongjing and Quanyi Health, and actively promote the construction of the main sales channel of Zhongning Medlar.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, sharing and co-construction", establishes enterprises with integrity, promotes development with innovation, shares and creates value, and co-builds the future. It carefully constructs the whole industrial chain security development mode from the field to the tip, and provides customers with "safe, assured and traceable" quality products.

Male pass ramble is really like iron, now stride head over heels. With the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Ningxia Zhongning Wolfberry Industry Development Co., Ltd. is taking advantage of the spring breeze of the integration of the whole county wolfberry industry, making greater contributions to the high-quality development of the whole county wolfberry industry.

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