A medlar brandy

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USD $ 229.00/bottle
Minimum Order Quantity:100 bottles
Production Capacity:3000 bottles/month
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Type: Dry

Colour: amber

Specification: 1 * 5

Degree: 41 °

Capacity: 750 ml

Product description: Six cups of top Chinese wolfberry fruit wine, experienced and sublimated in the high temperature of French distillation kettle, and then after several years of aging in oak barrels, finally condensed into a cup of "water of life", noble, elegant and pure, every drop is integrated with the essence of Chinese wolfberry. That charming amber color, inadvertently, show the color of time, faint scent and elegant goji berry fruit aroma and strong oak aroma, life in the long years of harmony and calm, there is a full, full and mellow, pleasant god drunk, silent aftertaste.

Production process and product characteristics: Chinese wolfberry brewing, distillation experience, oak barrel aging, into every drop of precious Chinese wolfberry brandy, every drop is integrated with the essence of Chinese wolfberry, the body is balanced and perfect, full taste, worthy of fine and collection.

Consumer group: middle and high level consumer group.






As the dominant industry for agricultural development in Ningxia, the wolfberry industry has formed a "one body and two wings" industrial belt with Zhongning as the main body and the eastern foothills of Helan and the Qingshui River basin as its wings, with broad development prospects. In recent years, a group of medlar deep-processing enterprises have emerged in response to the situation, and have realized the integrated operation of medlar from single production to production, processing and sales. The wolfberry industry has made breakthroughs in production scale, sales system, and deep processing. Economic, social, and ecological benefits have been continuously improved. Ningxia wolfberry industry has also established itself as a regional pillar industry.


Ningxiahong independently developed the "low temperature fermentation of wolfberry fresh juice" technology, automatic wolfberry fresh fruit washing and juice production line, wolfberry dried fruit nitrogen preservation technology, wolfberry fruit wine aseptic cold filling technology, and wolfberry brandy production technology. In 2008, "The Production Method of Goji Wine" won the "China Patent Gold Award" granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office.


Ningxiahong pays attention to R&D and process development, focuses on promoting the research and development of new technologies, new processes, and new products, and strives to develop a batch of high-end wolfberry products with high added value and broad market prospects. It focuses on the in-depth development of the value of wolfberry functions, gradually Achieve the strategic transformation from low-end wolfberry products to high-end wolfberry products, from primary processed products to refined processed products, and promote the upgrading of enterprise products.

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